Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So.  While baking is fun, it is time-consuming!  I loved my final versions of Santa Hats and Christmas Trees Cake Bites (they didn't have lollipop sticks) and they sold SO well at the craft show!  But I will refrain from any more baking until craft show time again in the fall.  It's always more fun at the holidays anyway, right?

New thing:  I'm making gift bows.  I'm making them out of magazine pages and I think they're super cute.  I'm not going to give you the instructions on how to make them because I want you to buy them from me!!  :)  Sorry.  I do intend to sell these this year, so I can't give away all my tricks.  but look how cute:
this last one is my favorite so far.  It was a picture of a river with a lot of Christmas lights hanging down.  I will probably be using this space now to show what I'm making for craft shows, so look for more updates to come as the months fly past to Christmas!

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