Saturday, June 19, 2010

Toddler pillows!

My boys love pillows.  If they get to sleep in our bed (when they're sick or up too early), they love to lay their heads on our pillows (or our heads, whichever).  They've gotten into a phase where I can put the big couch cushion pillows on the living room floor, and they will roll around and laugh for most of the day!  I guess they just like to be comfy.  No complaints here.  So I decided to make them some small pillows.  My mother has done this before by cutting a full size pillow in half and then making her own cases to fit.  I knew I could handle it, so I scoped out some info online.  The two that I found most helpful are these: This one inspired me to use the boys receiving blankets as cases.  I loved the little jungle prints and they matched so many of their itty bitty onesies and they also match the heavier blankets that we have to go on their toddler beds.  I hated to get rid of them, but how many blankets do you really need?  And you know you'll get new ones with new babies.  So using these blankets just warmed my heart.  This site is a cute craft blog that I have yet to fully explore.  But I can tell I'd like her and I'll bet you will, too!  She already had a small pillow and simply made the case for it.  But I liked her case because it closes envelope-style in the back.  I'm not a big worrier or what might hurt/suffocate/cause SIDS in my babies, but I must say this type of closure on a pillowcase seemed safer.  After all, the boys are only 11 months old and most people would tell me it's still not safe for them to have pillows or blankets at all.  To each his own.

So!  I grabbed my 4 blankets (which I wish I'd taken a picture of before hand) and my notes on measurements and set out.  The first blanket I grabbed is the cutest print, but it had gotten wonky from washing and drying.  And by wonky, I mean crooked... ya know, not a real square anymore... more like a diamond.  I couldn't figure out how to cut it straight (I've been foggy this week, I tell ya), so I made my own pattern using newsprint.  It was all straight edges - easy enough - so I just measured it and cut it out. 
There is one piece of material for the front and two for the back.
The two back pieces simply needed to be turned under, pressed, and stitched to ensure a nice edge on the envelope closure.  I did a 1/2 inch twice.
Then I pinned the back pieces to the front and sew all the way around.  The corners need to be clipped to turn out nicely.  And voila!
A pillow case!
I made one more (and have two left to make) and the boys love them!  Jordan has slept on his every nap and bedtime since.  I love that.
Here's the two together in the bed.  I'm so proud of myself for making a pattern and getting these done.  It goes a long way toward my confidence in my sewing skills!

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  1. really cute, very proud of you! Beth and I are doing the sidewalk stroll Jule 15 and Aug ? if you want to put anything in.