Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pumpkin Pillows

Bring on Fall!!
Fall is my favorite season.  Maybe because here in the South, it's a little bit like a bearable, mild summer.  Hmm.
Well, I saw these pumpkin pillows on Someday Crafts.  And here are the links she gave: Deck the Halls and Blogging with Holly.  I love them!

So this morning, my boys are fussy and driving me crazy (will those molars and eye teeth EVER come in??).  So I got out my little portable machine and put in the kitchen and got to work!  The boys "helped" a little.  And here's what we made:

The stems are a little too long and they flop over!  But the boys probably just think they are pillows with handles - which they seem to find really funny.   :)
Happy Fall Y'all!

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