Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jewelry Hanger

I wish I had taken before shots of this one, but I didn't.  So here's how it happened.  I started off with a long skinny frame that had  no glass and no backing.  When we were first married, I painted it yellow and added a hanger.  Then I hung a vase with a flat side on the wall and hung the frame around.  Wish I had a picture of that, too!  It was super cute - kind of the idea of the picture frame around the peep-hole in Monica's apartment on the TV show Friends.  But then the vase fell (a couple of times), and it wasn't so pretty.  And we moved into our house and I didn't know what to do with a glassless frame.  Just last month, I figured it out! 
I've never had much jewelry, but I've recently gotten several long necklaces that I don't like to throw in a draw or box.  And I've never kept the necklaces with the matching earrings which takes me longer to find them.  So... I got my fabulous father-in-law to supply me with some chickenwire type screen.  It's metal and the square holes are about half an inch big.  He stapled my screen to the back of my frame.  I used some free wall paint samples I received from Glidden to paint the frame and the screen.  That paint is excellent, by the way!  It covered the frame so well.  It didn't cover the metal screen as well, but I like that look.  And now...

My jewelry has a home and I can see it all!!  And my bedroom wall isn't empty any more, so two birds with one stone.  I've got the necklaces laced through the screen where they hook and the french hoops just hang on there nicely.  And did I mention that I spent nothing on this one??  Absolutely free.  LOVE it.

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